100,000 Nacfa donated to the Martyr’s Family in Ginda

Eritrean Tigrigna Video News: Eri-TV Zena – Ginda, 17 June 2013 – Owners of service businesses in Ginda town have extended a total of more than 100,000 Nakfa honoring the trust of martyrs. They made such donations at a meeting they conducted with Mr. Tewolde Tesfazgi, head of administration and finance at the Administration of Ginda sub-zone.

Moreover, the business persons said that the nation could witness all-round development thanks to the people who cherish independence and the all-round heavy price paid to this end.

Among the contributors, Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed-Ali, Ms. Nebiat Asfaha and Mr. Adem Idris explained that the initiative they took involves moral satisfaction, and asserted that they would sustain it.

Mr. Tewolde noted that such societal norm should be bequeathed to the young generation. More videos @ http://www.eritrea-tv.net.

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