15 new schools and additional classrooms constructed in Gash-Barka

Eritrean news: Eritrea-Barentu, 18 September 2010 – 15 new schools and additional classrooms in 4 existing schools have been constructed in 11 sub-zones of Gash-Barka region at an expenditure of over 51 million Nakfa.

The newly built schools would now enable students who used to take classes in makeshift tent in convenient and comfortable classrooms, which in turn would facilitate the teaching-learning process. Meanwhile, 130 additional classrooms have been constructed in 4 schools which would provide service in the 2010/2011 academic year. The move is aimed at easing shortage of enough classrooms the schools used to encounter, according to Eng. Senai Gebrehiwet.

He further pointed out that such additional classrooms were constructed in those schools in the sub-zones of Forto-Sawa, Molqi, Mensura, Dige, Agordat, Logo-Anseba, Laelai-Gash, Shambuko, Barentu, Gogne and Haikota. Besides, the necessary offices, toilets, storehouse and water tanker have been put in place.

Eng. Senai further explained that the projects were implemented in line with community-based programs and stressed their significance in relieving students from taking classes in an inconvenient situation.

Also in the second phase of the project, there are plans to construct teachers’ residence in 20 schools, additional classrooms in 8 schools, 2 pedagogy centers and 2 new schools. He called on the general public to make good use of the newly available facilities and enhance contribution in this regard.

Source: shabait.com

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