2 billion Nakfa paid in benefit scheme to martyrs’ families

Eritrean news: Eritrea-Asmara, 14 June 2010 – Over 2 billion Nakfa was paid in benefit scheme to families of martyrs over the past 6 years and half, according to Ms. Asmeret Abraha, head of community service in the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare. She indicated that the Government has been disbursing over 3 million Nakfa annually in support of martyrs’ families.

Ms. Asmeret further explained that in accordance with Proclamation No. 137, paying benefit scheme to families of fallen heroes was launched in 2004, and that 500 Nakfa is being paid monthly to each martyrs’ family. The payment is being carried out regularly in all the administrative regions, she added.

Also in line with endeavors to enable martyrs’ families become self-supporting, a number of families have been rehabilitated through cattle and small-business ventures which is bearing fruitful outcome.

Ms. Asmeret went on to say that the support being extended by the general public to families of fallen heroes in the form of financial and material assistance, including agricultural activities and construction of residential houses is providing moral boost to the families. She also called on the society to enhance such benevolent assistance to the families of martyrs.

Source: shabait.com

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