20 year old Eritrean Refugee Found Dead in East Germany City Dresden

RIP - 20 Year old Eritrean Found Dead in Dresden
RIP – 20 Year old Eritrean Found Dead in Dresden

Eritrean News: (Google Software Translation) The police announced that this morning, a man was found dead in a courtyard at the John Paul Thielman Street. Passers-by discovered the body and called the police.

“Yesterday was a PEGIDA-Demonstration(New Kind of Demonstration against Islam and Refugee’s in Germany)”

The dead man is a 20-year-old asylum seekers from Eritrea, who lived in the area. Investigations revealed as yet no evidence to outside influence. The exact cause of death will be clarified in a section. The Dresden criminal investigation has taken further investigations.

Source: http://www.doebelner-allgemeine.de/web/daz/nachrichten/detail/-/specific/20-Jaehriger-Asylbewerber-in-Dresden-tot-aufgefunden-3425988126

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