2,000 hectare of agriculture plantation in good condition by Eri-TV

Eritrean Tigrinya Zena News of 7th November 2013: Eritrean Farmers in Sheib sub-zone indicated that plantations cultivated on a total of around 2,000 hectares are in a promising stage. The farmers further stated that they rather relied on river flows as sources of water for cultivation this year, and that they anticipate bountiful harvest in comparison with that of the previous year.

Eritrean Plantation in Sheib Sub Zone - Northern Red Sea RegionAmong the farmers, Mr. Mohammed Ibrai, Mr. Hamd Tekrurai and Mr. Ibrahim Abdalla called for integrated efforts and machinery support with a view to ensuring a better outcome, including doubling the period of cultivation per annum.

Moreover, reports indicated that plantations in Gedged, Tiluk, Agnieb, Bisies, Shelal and other areas have flourished well.

Accordingly, there exists a potential of around 10,000 hectares for agricultural use in Sheib sub-zone – Northern Red Sea Region.

Source: shabait.com

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