3,000 Km-long dirt and asphalted roads constructed – Gash-Barka region

Eritrean news: Eritrea-Barentu, 14 June 2010 – Over 3,000 Km-long dirt and asphalted roads have been constructed in Gash-Barka region over the past 19 years through the collaboration of the people and the Government, stated Eng. Idris Hamid, head of engineering service and project management.

He indicated that about 260 Km-long asphalted road running from Aderde to Arbaetasher has been constructed, besides the putting in place of major bridges that are making due contribution in promoting socio-economic development.

Moreover, a total of 557 kilometers of dirt roads have been constructed along Barentu-Shilalo route, Tessenei-Omhajer, and Molqi-Barentu lines. About 2,274 kilometers of feeder roads have also been constructed that runs to the midst of the administrative areas that are playing major role in easing transport problem.

Noting the paramount importance of road construction in enhancing national economic development, Eng. Idris particularly emphasized the significance of putting in place of bridges along major rivers in facilitating the transport of agricultural products to the market.

He further stated that community-based road renovation program was launched in 2006 and is under effective implementation. Eng. Idris called on the general public to actively participate in the road repair campaign.

Source: shabait.com

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