53 Bahti Meskerem Event in Germany – Dreieich

53 Bahti Meskerem Event in Dreieich - Germany
53 Bahti Meskerem Event in Dreieich – Germany

Eritrean event celebration of 53 Bahti Meskerem 1st September in Dreieich (Near Frankfurt)

The struggle for independence that was prompted on 1st September 1961 came to an end on May 24, 1991, with the full emancipation of Eritrea from the hands of the last colonizer, the Derg regime. The Derg regime that was considered to own the largest army in sub-Sahara Africa had no alternative but to give up and its so-called huge army remained abandoned by its leadership that fled the county to seek refuge elsewhere. To the surprise of many that used to think the Ethiopian army could with held the advances of the Eritrean liberation fighters were taken off guard into illusion of re-evaluating their stance of what happened in Eritrea and its gallant liberation fighters and its people. The posed to ask themselves, how on earth people of not more than three million could out number and devastate a large army like that of Ethiopia? They came to understand that it is not the number that matters, but the strong will and the set mind that determines the end result. Eritreans had enough suffering at the hands of successive colonizers and were determined to root out colonialism and subjugation in order to decide their own destiny and future. And that became true on May 24, 1991.

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