6 Million “Eritreans” aka “Ethiopians” in Europe maybe in 5 years?!?

In the Al Jazeera video i watched today i was wondering that many Ethiopians flee the democratic country of Ethiopia. And asking myself why we never find any statistics of Ethiopians in European asylum centres (2-3 years) only what you can find is Eritreans.

6 Million Eritreans aka Ethiopians in Europe maybe in 5 years

The whole system is corrupt because they give Eritreans and Ethiopians not the chance to explain themselfs to the European countries. That’s why mostly “Ethiopians” say, if they arrive in Europe that they are “Eritrean”. Because of the better chance to be recognized as an asylum seeker and to get citizenship of the European countries.

The statistics are completely wrong probably because of to many Eritreans formally knowned as Ethiopians in fact has no other way, but to say their from “Eritrea”.

Link: http://www.eritrea-chat.com/voa-interview-with-ethiopiantigray-about-his-condition-in-libya/

Link: http://www.eritrea-chat.com/in-libya-we-were-all-eritreans-recounts-ethiopian-survivor-and-journalist-zehabesha/

You can find Eritrea in the European statistics but not Ethiopia in NON EU 28 Staates Total from 2013 to 2014

Link: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/File:Countries_of_origin_of_%28non-EU%29_asylum_seekers_in_the_EU-28_Member_States,_2013_and_2014_YB15_II.png


Al Jazeera Youtube video description: Ethiopian migrants drawn to dangerous journey despite risks

Young men in Ethiopia say they’re prepared to risk their lives making the journey to Europe despite the risk of drowning or capture by armed groups. They say they have few opportunities at home and risking death is a price worth paying. Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi reports from Addis Ababa.

(RIP to the families of the died Eritrean and Ethiopian killed by ISIS in Libya.)

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