Allana Potash the real “Reason” for the Peace-Plan of New Ethiopian PM?

African Business News:

The reason for my strong believings are that the new Ethiopian Prime Minister is not acting like he wants, he act in the interest for Allana Potash Mining which are very interested in transporting goods through Eritrean Ports.

Most of the Mining Companys have always problems with the infrastructure mostly in African countries(except some were an Infrastructure exists).

Advantage for Allana Potash:

  1. The Eritrean Red Sea is close to the Allana Potash Mine, that means a short distance in Transporting Potash.
  2. Huge Profit through “Time Savings” and “Cost Reducing”
  3. *Security in the Dankalia Area

Disadvantage for Allana Potash:

  1. No Peace between “Eritrea and Ethiopia”
  2. Building a New Infrastructure to Djibouti Port.
  3. Potash will be sold to an higher Price.
  4. More costs in producing Potash in Ethiopia.

Webmaster Opinion:

Billion of Dollars can change People minds so fast that you will be suprised and dont understand “what’s really happening here”.

Another Example:

Everyone of us knows John F. Kennedy former US-President, but most of us didn’t know why he get killed. Its because of the Weapons Industry which earns Billions of Dollars and are in need of Wars to keep on the Production. Every President of the United Staates go on “War” with some interesting countries. Mainly reasons are Oil and the Security of the Dollar Currency.

They told John F. Kennedy to go on War with Vietnam and he was asking “why i should go on war with Vietnam, if we dont go on war with Cuba” smart President and we know all what happen to John F. Kennedy a.k.a JFK (Killed in Dallas – ‘The Power of Big Coorperations).

Advantage for Eritrea and Ethiopia:

  1. Cheaper costs for Transporting Goods(ethiopia)
  2. Tax Revenue from Ports(Eritrea)
  3. GDP Growth(Eritrea and Ethiopia)
  4. New Working Possibilities (Eritrea and Ethiopia)
  5. More Ports are Available for transporting Goods from Ethiopia
  6. Black Gold(Ethiopian Coffee) could be transported to an cheaper price to European Markets

Disadvantage for Eritrea and Ethiopia:

  1. Occupied Eritrean Territory by Ethiopian Forces!
  2. UNFair Sanctions on Eritrea by United Nations!
  3. Unclear Peace Plan from New Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn!
  4. Only Video Interview Statements of Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn!

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