Amharic Demonstration Against Weyane – Prisoners

(Amharic Language) ሰበር ዜና – የጎንደር ህዝብ ከፍተኛ ተቃውሞ እያደረገ ነው። ህዝቡ ”የወያኔ አገዛዝ እንዲያከትም” ጠይቋል። የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ላይ የሚፈጸመው ተወግዟል። ”ህወሀት እንጂ የወልቃይት ህዝብ የሻዕቢያ ተላላኪ አይደለም።” ተብሏል። ተቃውሞው አሁንም እንደቀጠለ ነው።

A peaceful demonstration is taking place Sunday morning in Gondar town to demand the release of prisoners in connection with the identity question of the Wolkait and Tegede people, according to reports.Demonstrators carrying flags and banners gathered about 8 p.m. in various parts of the town, peacefully marching through the streets to Meskel Square of the central gathering place. Demonstration is peaceful so far. There was no property damage reported for the entire morning during the demonstration. Authorities say the demonstration was illegal. Head of the Amhara Regional State, Nigussu Tilahun said that application for a demonstration was never made and no permit has been granted.

Ethiopian Demonstrators March Peacefully Through Gondar

Access to the internet in the town was shut down in a bid to stamp out unrest and text messaging services were also partially disabled, sources said. Activists have been relying on social networking services including Twitter and Facebook to organise the protest and diffuse the message.

The unrest sparked two weeks ago when four individual members of the Welkait Committee were detained by an anti-terrorism task force and brought to Addis Ababa. A fifth member, Demeke Zewde (Col), opened fire on the taskforce when they tried to arrest him, which caused anger and violence in the town. At least eight people were killed and many more wounded then.

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