Asmara Collage of Health Sciences on its 5th Commencement

Eritrea - Asmara College of Health Sciences

(Article – July 2013) Early morning on June 30th, 2013 the compound of Asmara University was decorated with different themes and a flag ready to graduate the students of Asmara Collage of Health Sciences for its 5th commencement. Graduates wearing their black gown, parents and friends caring flowers and different kinds of gifts were flocking to the compound to congratulate their respective graduates on their commencement day. Happiness and the sense of achievement veiled every faces of the graduates.

The Asmara Collage of Health Sciences (ACHS) was established in 1995 under the University of Asmara with the aim of creating competent health professionals
to meet the health needs of the nation. The Collage embraces four degree and diploma schools; School of Pharmacy, School of Allied Science, School of Nursing and School of Public health. The Collage has also major service rendering departments, Department of Biomedical sciences and Department of Basic and Behavioral Sciences.
These schools are running with 8 degree and 7 diploma programs. As an independent institution of higher education the ACHS was established in 2005.
The graduation ceremony was officially opened with a minute of silence for the fallen heroes. This year the ACHS has graduated a total of 347 students out of whom 107 were female students with Degree and Diploma in Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Laboratory Technician, General Health Services, Physiotherapy,
Pharmacy and Nursing. Students graduated with Bachelor were 140 and 207 with diploma. After congratulating the students and parents on their success, Acting
Dean of the Asmara Collage of Health Science, Dr. Berhane Girmay, said that at present the Collage has a total of 1877 students as such the number of students is
increasing by 17% compared to the previous years. The number of the students is increasing by more than 10% each year as such new programs are started and existing programs are upgraded to improve quality professionals in order to meet the national needs. He elaborate that in the collage there are 83 teaching faculty out of whom 28 are expatriates and about 80% of the national faculties are graduate assistants.

Dr. Berhane said, “in order to address the issue of quality of education and academic excellence, twining with reputed institutions is essential and the Collage is actively exploring all possibilities to this end. The collage strives to be flexible and is continuously adopting and changing as per the needs of the country all be it at a slow pace.

We are confident of the quality of our graduates but we are mindful that there is always a room for improvement.” Ms. AmenaNur-Husein, Minister of Health on her part noted that education is the basic right of human beings hence understanding this concept the government has been working diligently for the betterment of the people and the nation at large. The Eritrean government has been constructing clinics, hospitals, health service centers, health training centers and collages in every corner of the country even in the remote areas where finding a health care service seems a dream.
The Minister further indicated that the Orota School of Medicine, Orota College of Post-Graduate, and Asmara College of Health Science have been established aimed at satisfying the growing demand of health services and that graduates from the colleges are providing health services assigned to different areas in the country. Additionally, Ms. Amena Nur- Husein pointed out that the Asmara College of Health Science has been improving from time to time in its provision of training and that it is playing significant role in producing health professionals. She finally advised the members of the graduating batch to supplement the knowledge they have acquired through work exposure for better professional competence.
Finally, representative of the graduating class on behalf of the students expressed her gratitude to their parents, families, friends and government for their everlasting help they offered during their study time. She pointed out that the graduating class is ready to serve their people with all their potentials. The graduation ceremony was closed by the national Anthem.

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