Augmenting Martyrs Trust Fund: Reinforcing Support To Families Of Fallen Heroes

Eritrean news: Eritreans have paid a huge amount of sacrifices as to liberate the homeland from the successive colonizers. Many youth of the na¬tion have sacrificed their dear life for this land and the price is indeed beyond any measurement. Since 2004 the Eritrean government has been supporting the families of martyrs’ living in every corner of the country. Supporting the mar¬tyrs’ families is in itself part of the national development policy. It’s through developing the country and supporting their respective families that we renew our pledge. When we all make a vow in their names or give gratitude to the fallen heroes in different occasions we all say “our martyrs’ rest in peace”, hence we are saying that we are develop¬ing the new nation they brought for us in every possible ways as well as supporting, nurturing and giving solace to their respective families.

Today, we are breathing this new fresh air in this land is because of the sacrificed made by the gallant fallen heroes to give us this free¬dom of air.
Disregarding the trust of those fallen heroes have entrusted us with, disregarding their families, will be like shooting for the glo¬rious development of the nation without aiming. There is no home in every corner of the country that didn’t sacrificed one child or two or to that matter all their children. Ev¬ery Eritrean family sacrificed their beloved ones for this land hence we can say supporting and helping the families of the fallen heroes is part and parcel of the national develop¬ment plan.

It’s too obvious that life is too expensive; no amount of money can buy or install life again. Thus we all can understand the huge sacrifice paid by those courageous fallen heroes as to bring the new born Eritrea. Supporting and help¬ing the families of the fallen heroes is rest in every shoulder of the citi¬zens who is breathing today’s fresh air in the land of the new born Eri¬trea. Comparing to what those gal¬lant fallen heroes have offered to us and what some responsible citizens are doing is really mean nothing. At least supporting and helping their families is the least we all can do. Eritrean living abroad and inside have been extending their hands understanding their responsibility towards the families of the fallen heroes. Those responsible citizens have been supporting the families of the fallen heroes financially and morally which also embellishes the different programs in supporting of the families of the fallen heroes.

According to the records of the Ministry of Labor and Human Wel¬fare, only in 2011 the government has paid 326 million Nacka for the martyrs’ families, indicated director of the social welfare in the Ministry. He further stressed out that Eritrean without confining their support only on the martyr’s trust fund have been extended their support and help to the martyrs’ families individually which of course demonstrated how they are playing their due moral re¬sponsibility as a citizen. Therefore, this activity beyond the material support it created an unbreakable bond which is rounded with love, trust, care and hope between the families of the fallen heroes and the responsible citizen.
Based on the records of the Min¬istry of Labor and Human Welfare of the 2011 research, different indi¬viduals and Eritrean communities in the Diaspora have extended around 8,000,000 Nakfa for the families of the fallen heroes. Likewise resi¬dents of the Central Region have contributed 2,000,000 Nakfa plus, in 2011 only, 3,000,000 Nakfa has been collected from the donations to the Martyr Trust Fund. This is some part of the responsible citi¬zens support for the families of the fallen heroes in honoring the trust of the martyrs’.

Community based support have also been extending their continu¬ous support to the martyrs’ families in various forms of social activities. For instance, extending a helping hand in the lives of these families by helping children of these heroes in their academic progress, con¬structing and renovating houses of the family and in the farming ac¬tivities in the rural areas through an organized campaign.
The well organized activity the sub zone of Tessenei has demon¬strated in supporting and helping the families of the fallen heroes is really an applaud action. The resi¬dents of the subzone of Tessenei have showed a remarkable result in the campaign to support these families. This program has started in Tessenei in 2007 and is actively engaged in activities to support the families of the fallen heroes with various campaigns and scale of standards. More than 2,000,000 Nakfa has been invested for the purpose of mobilizing the families of these heroes. Around 208 fami¬lies have become beneficiaries of the first round program. The resi-dents of the subzone of Tessenei have contributed more than 570,000 Nakfa in helping mobilize around 99 families of martyrs’ – which is the second round of the campaign. In 2011 around 124 families have been mobilized, it demanded more than 1.1 million Nakfa in the third phase of the program. Moreover, around 108 families have become beneficiary and have received fi¬nancial support.
The activities taken by the resi¬dents of the subzone of Tessenei is a praise worth initiations that have to be applauded and recognized. It is a well-executed plan that demon¬strates and sets a good example to follow. And this is the reason why the case of the Tessenei program has been the focus of this article, this in anyway doesn’t mean or imply or disregard or belittle the efforts and shares of contribution of others and areas. The arrangement of the Tess¬enei subzone should be applauded in its demonstration of excellence and efficiency. The active participa¬tion of the youth of the subzone is deserves encouragement and a tap on the shoulder.

Additionally, the procedure taken by the students of Halay Secondary School is also another phenomenon activity that have to highly praised and appreciated. The students have already met the families of fallen heroes who needs support and help.
Even though, what the gallant fallen heroes have offered to us is beyond any payable price it is a moral duty of every nationals to act on their behalf for their dear fami¬lies. It is unexpected and unbeliev¬able to hear one person supporting fifty families at once however those responsible national’s have made a pledge with themselves to honor the trust of martyrs’ thus helping their families is the least they can do. Beyond the financial and moral support that have been extending from different parts of the world by the citizens of the nation, both the families have created a loving and blessing bond that money can’t buy it. They become like a beautiful family that would help each other in time of need and have a get together in different joyful social events.
Most of those generous citizens have confirmed that they would help the families of the fallen he¬roes as long as they both lived in this earth. Hence, such a generous activities have to be part of our life helping the families of the fallen heroes’ lies in our shoulder. Since it is part of the development plan we all have to stick together to help one another and to move forward in de¬veloping our brightful nation.

Source: Ministry of Information
Author: Rahel Asgedom

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