Azel Making Available Quality Medicines On Market

Conquering ones country’s independence means a lot more than just getting the independence for the country. In order for it to be independent enough it should be self-assured. It must be able to provide whatever is essential for its society’s needs on its own. Bearing this in mind the government of Eritrea has been giving it its best in developing the country starting with highways to new advanced medical and educational materials alongside ensuring food security and so on in these past twenty one years of independence.
Azel Pharmaceutical Share Company is one of the many medical organizations the government has established during those past years. This company was established in 2003 with joint venture between government of Eritrea and JPM, a unit responsible for the transfer of the technical Know-how required in the manufacture of Pharmaceuticals.
The main aim of the company is focused mostly in recognizing the rights of people to consume pharmaceutical medication with confidence in its quality. In addition, Azel Pharmaceutical concentrates to comply with the current international good manufacturing practices to ensure that all its products meet the highest quality standards. The company has been able to produce, distribute and sell high quality essential medicines at fairly competitive prices in widening market coverage to the citizens.
This company also provides comprehensive training system which is aimed at upgrading the qualifications of its employees. The training is given in collaboration with JPM concerning with the pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices, standard operation and maintenance of plant facilities, pharmaceutical processes, quality assurance and quality control, and business management. Applying those different up – to – date trainings with the philosophy of upholding human resources as the most valuable assets of the company it is able to present trained and talented human resources. As a shareholder the JPM is also in charge of the research, development, formulation, and process developed in-line with latest technology and marketing.
With all the efforts that have been applied to the company, at the moment, is fully equipped with the necessary materials. In addition, modern processing equipment was purchased with the purpose of equipping the partially functional previously used lines. Furthermore, major building activities and purchase of machines were carried out in order to provide the separate facilities required to start a new antibiotic section which started producing Amoxicillin. The company also had four production lines with a single shift capacity averaged 85%. As the tremendous efforts of the company showed a big progress through out those years, major advancements were made in terms of both output and the number of products.
Accordingly Azel is now able to produce Analgesics, Anti- allergies, Anti-infective, Antihypertensive, Gastrointestinal medicines, Erectile dysfunction medicines and Medicines for respiratory tract. Again, in an attempt to improve its products, the company has invested further in its programs in high-tech production and quality control, which is based on the principles of following careful procedures at all stages of the manufacturing process. For that reason Azel products have product certificate issued by MOH, and hence several Azel products have been registered in Mozambique.
Thus, the overall positive impacts of the establishment and functioning of Azel Pharmaceutical Company is to make sure that the domestic production capability has been assured as desired, and presenting high quality medicines to the people. Most of all significant employment opportunity was created for Eritrean families as well as Foreign currency saving and import substitution was made possible.

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