Beautiful Massawa International Airport

Massawa Airlines

Massawa International Airport – An Eternal Moment

Standing within the halls of the second developing airport its sleek design is acutely characteristic of the minimalist nature of areas found within Eritrea. This may seem ordinary to some. The intrigue or beauty like most things found in the country are modestly and uniquely hidden an eventual acquirement, depending on the onlooker.

Given a second look it seems a metallic seaside sister version of the Asmara International Airport. Energy/power generation is a definite priority. The airport will require the same amount of electrical power as the entire city of Keren.

Beautiful Airport of MassawaThe airport has yet to begin operations and its primary concerns are targeting regional market potentials within the busy trans-local Red Sea and Gulf region. Anyone who is familiar with this strategic geopolitical basin knows it is a vital route of international trade and communications between Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Access and ownership of this coveted gateway of the world has brought Eritrea into indirect and direct conflict with many nations/powers for centuries. Building an economic market here would be considerable and a long awaited sign of durable peace in the Horn of Africa region.

The recent development of Massawa Airways a local airline, seats close to seventy. The body of the aircraft was constructed inside Eritrea. Flights are slated to fly within the country as early as July 2013, expanding to regional flights within the Horn of Africa region.

The great myth (sadly many myths exist about Eritrea) and rumors circulating that the reason why this airport has yet to begin operations are due to political concerns is utterly wrong. According to our guide it is simply technical. According to COMESA Regional Investment Agencys website (which predominately lists Massawa International Airport as an investment opportunity in the country) the companies which undertook the project have no international license, therefore the airport has yet to host international flights. Like the parallel and continually economic turns the country has seen throughout history a fully functional Massawa International Airport is emblematic. To appreciate a moment requires time to slow down as it accelerates. Like unearthing a precious resource that has never been utilized, it will be interesting to see the airports long awaited future employ as a budding corridor in the longingly conflicted Red Sea region. A third and maybe clairvoyant last look leaves me eager.


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