Consistent Glory To Our Martyrs: Keeping On Living With Superlative Ideas

Consistent Glory To Our Martyrs: Keeping On Living With Superlative Ideas

Everlasting June 20 is the day to remember this noble act of sacrifice and the ideas that go with it. It is the day of reckoning, when everyone makes an appraisal of the good thing he is enjoying in an independent country. This day to be engraved in the hearts and minds of countless generations to come the triumph it brought and for the sacrifice it entailed. For in that day, we, Eritreans are, on the one hand, overwhelmed by grief and sorrow for our beloved martyrs who departed this world for good after sacrificing their precious lives, and on the other hand, we are filled with rejoice and happiness knowing that the sacrifice was not made in vain. The nation grieves as calls to remembrance the suffering and super human endurance of those who sacrificed limb and life to bring the freedom. Countless families have lost their loved ones. The bride has lost her spouse, mother has given away her only son or daughter but made self determination and brought the light. The Eritrean people have proved their existence as a nation through tremendous resistance, through blood and sacrifice. So Eritrean martyrs never died and will never die but they lives for ever in every Eritrean heart and mind. Because the ideas for which they sacrificed their lives will remain eternal. Death invades the mind when it is devoid of principles and ideals that make life worth living. As to the person who dies for his conviction we can only say that he has exchanged a noble life for a splendid one and by doing that the martyr ennobles the life of his people for whom he became a Martyr in the first place. Our martyrs shine their light of liberty into the darkness of slavery at a time when it seemed unbearable to drive off the gloom of oppression once and for all time. For how can you make people see the light of independence if you can’t prove it by going through in spirit and sacrificing yourself in the process to bring it to your own people and land, to those who are waiting for the sun of freedom to rise in its sufficient glory? It is an old mystery and a proven path to freedom that for every chain of bondage broken a human sacrifice should be made. The martyrs have given us every thing they possess; their lives and spread the light around us and in the end the land shine with their brightness. That’s why we remember our martyrs every year on June 20 by lighting candles, true candles of freedom, unity, commitment etc. as well as planting green plants and pledge to work hard for the better future of the country. The reality that Eritrea regained its right place in the family of nations the pride and dignity of its people, the change from slavery of liberation, all this could not have been made possible without perseverance and ultimately be keen on for one’s country, double sacrifice! Eritrea is really very lucky to have such patriots and peoples who consider it their duty bound, to give up everything for freedom. Nothing can express how lucky we are? Small nations like Eritrea need to pay sacrifice in every corner of the development in order to survive this economic crisis happening all over the world. It is crucial that every citizen diligently participate in all aspect of the developmental activities. The participation should also be constant and accompanied with creativity and innovation. Furthermore, the youth should constantly be motivated and encouraged to follow the footsteps of their fathers to be the vanguards of the developmental activities The history of Eritrea, the way it gained its independence and the all round achievements so far registered are unique in their own right. It has once and again proved that Eritrea is a country of sacrifices and a country of committed people ready to do every thing their country demands. Through work we shall overcame and restore a peaceful and comfortable country for every citizen to live including the coming generations.

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