Cycling Tour of Eritrea Stage 4 ERi-TV Reportage | Merhawi Kudus Winner

Video: Cycling Tour of Eritrea Stage 4 ERi-TV Reportage | Merhawi Kudus Winner: Tour Eritrea Final concludes with triumph of Eritrean Merhawi Asmara, 22 February 2013 – Tour Eritrea Final, which was conducted today from Keren to Asmara involving 91 Km. has concluded with triumph of Eritrean Merhawi Kudus, who recently kept a new record in Tour Gabon as the first African to win an uphill competition. Merhawi reached the final line preceding Eritreans Meron Amanuel, Meron Teshome, Tesfom Ogbamariam and Awet Gebremedhin who ranked 2nd to 5th consecutively. Moreover, Algerian Ezedin Lagat, who demonstrated strong competitiveness with Eritrean cyclists throughout the Tour, won the 6th rank lagging behind Merhawi by 9 seconds, reports indicated. Moreover, the Tournament embraced two altitude competitions along Digdigta and Adekolom areas in which the National Cycling Team fully dominated the first three ranks. Eritrean Mekseb Debesai won the Tour’s trophy, while Eritrean Bereket Yemane is the one awarded for outstanding performance in uphill competitions.

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