Cyclist Daniel Finished 53rd In The Second Phase – Tour De L’ Avenir

Eritrean sport news: Eritrea-Asmara, 8 September 2010 – Eritrean cyclist Daniel Teklehaimanot stood 53rd in the second phase of the Tour de l’ Avenir race in France that continued yesterday.

In the 150 km-long race starting from St. Amont Montrand city to Kuset city, almost all competitors who were cycling together in a group struggled to cross the finishing line, and as such no difference in time pace was recorded.

In the two phases so far conducted, cyclist Daniel stands 50 second behind the leading British rider Alex Dawst.

Also in the king of mountain race, cyclist Daniel is assuming 5th rank by scoring 4 points. The Tour de l’ Avenir race that would continue for still 5 more phases was underway today as well covering 157 kilometers.

Cyclist Daniel who stood 6th rank in a similar race in 2009 would be compelled to perform with excellence in the remaining 5 stages so that he may maintain last year’s position.


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