Demise Of Wikaw Command: 30th Commemoration

Eritrean Wikaw Izz - 30 Commeration Kopie

Mahmimet has been embellished with lively movement of people and lights of different colors. The soil of Northeastern Sahel which embraced a number of youths of pre-independence period and today’s senior citizens in its cradle has now to tell a history of 30 years. It is indeed hard to imagine the tells a number of freedom fighters who survived fierce battles could tell.

They feel incompetent to describe any event with mere words for the heroic deeds are far beyond verbal expression. The 30th commemoration of Wikaw Command’s demise has become a time for a get-together. While enjoying the salad days of independence, the Administrative area of Karora has eagerly awaited to welcome the freedom fighters who were sheltered in its cradle during the hard times of war.

They have shared memories of the struggle for independence which includes stories of huge sacrifices and victories. The commemorative event which started with cultural shows staged by Walta cultural troupe on the evening hours of 20th March 2014, was followed a proper burial ceremony of fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for the common national cause. The skeleton of fallen heroes was then collected from Niyala terrain and moved to the Martyr’s cemetery in Mahmimet.

President Isaias Afwerki, higher government officials, veteran freedom fighters, pilgrims who traveled to the place of heroic deeds from different parts of the country, members of Eritrean community from Sudan and mainly the inhabitants of Mahmimet gave tribute to the unmatched sacrifice of the freedom fighters.

President Isaias Afwerki, Mr. Alamin Mohammed-Seid, Secretary of the PFDJ, General Sebhat Efrem, Minister of Defence, Ms. Tsegereda Weldegergish, Administrator of Northern Red Sea region, and Ms. Askalu Menkerios, Minister of Tourism, on the behalf of NUEW have respectively laid wreaths at Martyrs Monument.
Briefings about the historic frontlines and the stories that are still buried deep in the trenches of Northeastern Sahel along other commemorative activities were
also part of the 30th anniversary of the Demise of Wikaw Command.
President Isaias along with higher government officials visited the historic trenches of Northeastern Sahel. The inhabitants of Mahmimet and all the pilgrims were
also briefed about the trenches, historic places and war events by veteran freedom fighters. Exhibitions, cultural shows were staged and a book titled Mekeyro- roughly translated as a turning point which covers a total of 27 stories of the historic frontlines was inaugurated.
Other songs that highlighted about the fierceness of the battles and the indomitable resilience of the freedom fighters as well as other cultural shows were also part of the commemorative event.
The Demise of Nadow Command was officially commemorated on 22nd March at 6:30 am around terrains of Niyala. Cultural shows of three ethnic groups followed by carnivals that covered the smooth connection and intimacy of people and freedom fighters, livelihood of freedom fighters in the trenches, news
and archival activities of the then department of culture and information, medical treatment at times of war, activities of self-reliance and the tiresome activities of digging trenches among other shows were all presented in the carnivals. Mr. Siraj Haj, chairperson of Holidays Coordination Committee of Northern Red Sea Region, said that the demise of Wikaw Command has been commemorated in the exact place where the heroic deeds were accomplished. Following briefings by Mr. Siraj, songs and other cultural shows followed which evoked nostalgic feeling and which made the freedom fighters steam down tears of joy as well as tears of deep longing for their martyred comrades. Ms. Tsgereda Weldegergish, Administrator of Northern Red Sea Region on her part said that the primary of the preparations made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the demise of Wikaw Command is basically to honor the fallen heroes who fought in search of a true cause. President Isaias said during the commemorative event that the heroic deeds of the war times and particularly the events of held in Northeastern Sahel Front could be presented in its entirety by no means. The President expressed appreciation to the archival activates and programs disseminated by the Ministry of Information which was instrumental in giving a hint about the actual incidents to the young generation. President Isaias further called up on artists who have been engaged in documentation of heroic deeds through different artistic works and to give due attentions towards preserving such works of art. The President
also highlighted that the 30th anniversary of Wikaw Command’s demise as an event where we renew our pelage to honor martyrs trust spiritually as well as in action.
Before the closing of the official commemorative event, President Isaias received a camel with its saddle as a present from the inhabitants of Karora administrative
area. Let alone the new visitors, the mountainous areas and endless plains of Northeaster Sahel amazed the freedom fighters who settled there and battled with enemy forces for more than a decade. The freedom fighters were in short hesitant to believe that they were in such an area to endure any sort of eventuality.
This 30th commemorative event made the freedom fighters to cover their faces with hot tears of pride streaming down to their cheeks and their emotions were also steered with reminisces of the days they spent with their comrades and with memories of fallen heroes. The surviving freedom fighters all gathered there in a place of heroic deeds after 24 years of independence and after 30 years of the demise of Wikaw Command. They all remembered the war places which were named after the actual war events and the situations they were to endure in the journey towards independence.
They remembered war areas all over the then Sahel province such as Tab-Teamament, Mai-Kalashn, Kebrwe’et, Taba- Semai, Erdi-commandise, Taba-Wedigebru, Bado-ekub, Koresha, Mefeyetsh,Taba-freweyni, Ftsametat, Taba-selam Tab-witn, Knemin, Rub-Algien, Debr-emen, Htseynet and Keter and other places along the events held in each of them in the war the continued for three decades. The 30th commemoration of the demise of Wikaw Comand was closed with the staging of different cultural shows was closed on 23rd March 2014 leaving the freedom fighters, the pilgrims and the inhabitants of Karora Administrative area with lasting memories to cherish in their minds.

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