Donation To Eritrea Will Support More Than 600 Students

Donation To Eritrea Will Support 600 Student copy

Eritrean Good News: Mahber Habbo Ships Books and School materials to Eritrea.

I am happy to share that mahber Habbo has shipped books and other school materials to Eritrea to support the Hazega Middle and Secondary School library in Hazega, Minabe Zerai. Habbo would like to express our gratitude to all who contributed to the book drive and made it the success that it was. We hope that the resources will support the more than 600 students in Zoba Berik who attend the Hazega school.

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This is not Habbo’s first project, although it is the first one in some time.
Since its inception in June of 2000, Habbo’s work include:
* Sending of books and computers to school libraries in Eritrea
* Contribution to Eritrean Martyr’s Trust Fund
* Providing home and school material assistance to Eritrean kids living in group homes
* Supporting war disabled veterans
* Monetary donations to Eritrean orphans
* Providing assistance to war displaced Eritrean students
* Shipping of three, 40 feet containers (our first project) to war displaced Eritreans filled with clothing, blankets, containers, educational materials, and other necessities to our displaced communities.

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* Shipping of 20 feet container to filled with books, computers, wheelchairs, projectors and medical supplies, newly purchased tools and equipments to support Sawa’s Vocational Training Center.

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Perhaps Habbo’s biggest project to date and one we’re proud of was done in collaboration with all DC area organizations including (NUEW, NUEY and the Eritrean Musicians Association forming an Emergency Drought Relief Committee (EDRC) to help drought affected Eritreans. This was a cause that moved all Eritreans and friends into action, and by the end of the one year project, over a quarter of a million — $272,000 USD was collected to help our drought affected people.

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Thank you once again to all who have supported the work of Habbo morally and materially over the years and still continue to. I would like to thank my wonderful Habbo brothers for their dedication in bringing this and all previous projects to a successful conclusion. A special thank you to Yonas Afewerki (also a member) and his Red Sea Cargo for facilitating the shipment free of charge for us. Habbo’s work will continue –The name “Habbo” was given to us by my beloved mother who was my motivator and encourger. She was proud of our efforts, and suggested “Habbo gerkum endikum nezi kulu tigebru zelekum, Habbo beluwo” when I asked what we should name our group –so in memory of my beloved mother, and our Eritrean martyrs the benevolent work of Habbo will continue.

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Those who are just getting to know us and perhaps would like to join, you are welcome to– as a Habbo member once jokingly said, the only requirement is that you should be willing to carry boxes! „smile“-Emoticon “bakotat kitsikem kitkeEl aleka” Lol „smile“-Emoticon..well, sort of! …„smile“-Emoticon

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Together, We Can Make a Difference!
Awet nHafash!

Source: FB – Shikarikuta Solomon

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