Eri-TV – 6th Eritrean National Youth Festival in Sawa 2014

Eritrean News – Tigrinya: Asmara, 13 May 2014 – The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) has underscored the need for exerting equal efforts towards keeping intact values as in political and economic dimensions of the nation-building process. It made the remarks at a statement it released in connection with the 6th National Youth Festival in Sawa.

Accordingly, the event is due to lay groundwork for securitizing the ongoing endeavors seeking popularization of national values, in addition to depicting the prevailing national harmony, history and lifestyle, as well as other societal and leadership virtues. It is also the time when youths should reiterate readiness to demonstrate higher awareness and competence.

Eritrean National 6th Youth Festival in Sawa 2014

The statement further explained the sophistication of the prevailing information technology vis-à-vis the way national identity is being endangered and migration perpetrated in this connection. Given such global phenomenon, the major challenges of the peoples of the developing countries are bound to keep intact cultural values and proving active role other than economic development.

The forthcoming Youth Festival is due to be conducted from 18 to 20 July 2014 in Sawa, and thousands of youths from inside the country and abroad are due to take part in it. Furthermore, the event is expected to witness seminars, cultural and artistic shows, creative displays, handing of national awards and other activities targeting popularization of national values.

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