Eri-TV – Eritrean Products of Massawa Plastic Factory on the verge of market debut

Eritrean News – Tigrinya: The Administration of Massawa Plastic Factory indicated that its products are on the verge of market debut.

Mr. Mehari Segid, factory manager, disclosed that it started producing limited amount of 15 standardized varieties of water pipe in 2008, and that it is currently in a position to manufacture drip irrigation pipes of 16 to 20 millimeters of diameter. He further stated that the factory has extended its product lines through producing pipe assembly joints and wider pipes of 63 to 400 diameters, and that it would open sales outlets in Tessenei, Asmara and Massawa cities in the mid of this year.

Accordingly, the youth employees of the factory have acquired substantial experience as regards acquiring skill knowhow, and thus demonstrating versatility in their career. And veteran employees of the factory said that they would strive to share their experience with new staff members.

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Eritrean Plastic Factory in Massawa - Eri-TV

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