Eri-TV Martyrs Day Report – Sweden – USA – Italy – Qatar and Austria

Eritrean TV – Tigrigna Video News: Eri-TV Zena – Asmara, 25 June 2013 – Eritrean community members in Stockholm, Sweden, Doha, Qatar, Denver, US, Rome and various Austrian cities have reiterated readiness to honor the trust of martyrs in respective ceremonies they held to mark Martyrs Day.

The commemoration in the Swedish city in which heads of various national associations, religious leaders, elders and youths took part witnessed the staging of various activities including a candlelight moment, foot trek and artistic performances depicting the heroic feats of the Eritrean people. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Yonas Manna, executive of Embassy affairs in the Scandinavian countries, called on nationals residing abroad to step up participation in State affairs.

During the similar events conducted in Rome and Denver cities respectively, the Eritrean community members extended a total of 3,035 Euros in support of families of martyrs, and expressed readiness to sustain their initiatives of backing such families, besides enhancing role in national development endeavors. Mr. Ogbai Firemedhin, chairman of the holidays coordinating committee for the Eritrean community in the Italian city, said that the Day is an occasion during which nationals should reiterate readiness to honor the trust of fallen heroes.

Moreover, speaking at the meeting in Doha, the Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar, Mr. Ali Ibrahim, urged the nationals to step up their input in the nation-building process, and the community members pointed out that they would sustain their initiatives as regards patronizing families of martyrs.

Meanwhile, the ceremonies conducted in Austrian cities witnessed patriotic zeal, and the nationals asserted readiness to back up the national development drive. More videos @ or

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