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Eritrea TV – Tigrinya Zena Highlights from 19 April 2013:

Inhabitants of Emni-Haili and Adi-Quala sub-zones to back up national development drive

The inhabitants of Emni-Haili and Adi-Quala sub-zones have expressed readiness to back up the national development drive.

Mendefera, The inhabitants of Emni-Haili and Adi-Quala sub-zones have expressed readiness to back up the national development drive. They made the pledge at separate meetings they conducted with the regional Administrator, Mr. Efrem Gebrekristos, during which it was stated that commendable accomplishments have been registered regarding soil and water conservation on the basis of popular undertakings.

The regional Administrator called on the local inhabitants to finalize preparation for rain-fed farming before the onset of the rainy season. He further called on Area administrators to play due role as regards to keeping intact the overall popular awareness.

The participants of the meetings put forth views concerning several issues, including that of expanding the integrated irrigation farm around Sememo Dam.

Moreover, Mr. Efrem called on the inhabitants to enhance judicious utilization of social service facilities and extend a helping hand in crime prevention, besides their due rile in preventing deforestation.

Pedestrians called upon to abide by traffic law

Asmara, The Traffic Police branch in the Central region has called on pedestrians to abide by traffic law, especially as regards use of zebra crossing.

Pointing out that maintaining the necessary discipline of pedestrians is a vital prerequisite in lowering traffic accidents, Lt. Colonel Tadesse Berhane, Commander of the Office, called on both government bodies and nationals to raise their awareness to this end. He further indicated that Traffic Police members are currently engaged in popularization campaign to this end in Asmara city as of the 12th of this month, Lt. Colonel Tadesse Berhane also called on drivers to demonstrate active collaboration in the process.

The campaign targets lowering traffic accidents through promoting Proclamation No. 154/2006 regarding use of zebra crossing, and it is witnessing remarkable outcome, according to reports.

Among the city residents, Mr. Tesfasilasie Gebregziabher and Ms. Haimanot Abai expressed satisfaction with the ongoing campaign, and said that it would have significant input in nurturing the desired behavioral change. They further called on the citizenry to extend a helping hand in this regard.

Poultry Farmers Association in Central region exerting endeavors to raise output

Asmara, The Association of Poultry Farmers in the Central region indicated that it is exerting endeavors to raise output with a view to meeting growing demand.

Mr. Berhane Zeremariam, chairman of the Association, pointed out that it was established in the year 2011 with 400 members, and that stepped-up efforts are being made at sub-zonal level.

Stating that the Association is laying the groundwork for direct supply to end-users, he further explained that furthering spirit of synergism is a vital prerequisite to this end, on the basis of which virtue the Association members could ensure better efficiency.

The Association owns an incubator capable of hatching up to 180,000 eggs, and it is due to supply 270 hatchlings as of this month, besides its plan to raise around 20,000 chicks, according to reports.

Among the Association members, Mr. Abraham Mekonen and Mr. Asmerom Woldeab expressed satisfaction with working as an Association, and called for enhanced collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Dr. Idris Ali from the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the region disclosed that the supply of chicks has already had a scope outside the region, covering the Southern and Anseba regions. “It is a sound strategy of lowering prices that the Association is striving to directly supply end-users,” he added.

Post Office opens branch in Areza sub-zone

Areza, The National Post Office has opened a branch in Areza sub-zone with a view to extending its outreach to the 22 Administrative areas in the locality.

Ms. Genet Gilamichael, the Post Office’s agent in the sub-zone, pointed out that around 9,000 mails have been sent to and fro the locality, while about 110,000 Nakfa has already been transferred within the past 6 weeks.

One of the customers, Mr. John Zemui expressed satisfaction with the launching of such service which has given rise to increased socio-economic activities.

Community sensitization endeavors in Kerkebet sub-zone witnessing positive outcome: Report

Kerkebet, The Administration of the health center in Kerkebet sub-zone indicated that community sensitization endeavors in the locality are witnessing positive outcome, giving rise to growing popular awareness regarding health issues and community participation in the implementation of health programs.

Mr. Tesfazgi Yohanes, head of the health center, disclosed that gratifying accomplishment has been registered as regards antenatal and postnatal care, as well as control of communicable diseases, especially malaria. Moreover, he pointed out that the number of mothers benefiting from the maternity service has shown 27% growth, while the scope of child immunization increased by 13%.

Among the inhabitants, Ms. Meryem Saleh and Ms. Asha Adem Humed expressed satisfaction with the community sensitization ventures and health services being rendered by the health center, which has made a significant impact in the area.

Furthemore, Mr. Tesfazgi said that instances of non-communicable diseases resulting from lack of hygiene are on the decline thanks to the joint endeavor being exerted in collaboration with community health representatives, religious leaders and Area administrators. He also called on the local inhabitants to extend a helping hand towards popularizing the use of bed net.(
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