ERi-TV News: (July 15, 2013)

Eri-TV: Asmara, 15 July 2013 — Veteran fighter Col. Mohammed-Seid Saleh who has been under medical treatment passed away today at the age of 64.

Col. Mohammed-Seid who joined the ELF in February 1965 has served with dedication in different divisions of the EPLF since 1974, preceding his remarkable engagement in the National Naval Force and Administrative Staff of the Ministry of Defense. ( continued… )

Gogne, 15 July 2013 — The inhabitants of Gogne sub-zone said that they are in a position to witness improvement of livelihood on the basis of credit opportunities from Micro-credit and Savings Program.

They further indicated that they could make such a difference through engaging in small-scale business and agricultural ventures, and expressed satisfaction with the services being rendered by the program. ( continued… )

Hagaz, 15 July 2013 — The Administration of Hagaz semi-urban center indicated that various development programs, including infrastructural activities, are being implemented in the locality with a view to improving the livelihood of the residents.

Accordingly, a number of potable water supply facilities have been renovated, while the overhaul of others is underway ( continued… )

Mendefera, 15 July 2013 — The Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the Southern region said that afforestation activities conducted by the inhabitants of Adi-Shimhabti village in the environs of Warsai Dam with a view to preventing sedimentary deposit have witnessed commendable outcome. It made the statement at a meeting with the inhabitants, during which it was stated that the majority of the planted 45,000 tree seedlings have flourished well and the inhabitants were awarded 150,000 Nakfa for their exemplary accomplishment. ( continued… )

Mensura, 15 July 2013 — The inhabitants of Mensura sub-zone said that they would step up participation in national development programs. They made the pledge at a meeting with the sub-zonal Administrator, Mr. Tesfalidet Gebremariam, during which it was stated that the livelihood of the inhabitants is improving in line with the implementation of various development programs in the locality. ( continued… )

Mendefera, 15 July 2013 — The NUEW branch in the Southern region has called on members to extend a helping hand in endeavors towards doing away with harmful customary practices. It made the call at a meeting with staff memebrs of the office and heads of sub-zonal branches, during which it was stated that a number of sensitization activities and seminars were conducted targeting childhood marriage and FGM. ( continued… )

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