ERi-TV News (July 9, 2013)

Eri-TV: Asmara, 9 July 2013 — Eritrean community members in Italy conducted festival in Milan city from 5 to 7 of this month with patriotic zeal. The event witnessed participation of the Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, Mr. Zemede Tekle, heads of national associations and thousands of nationals, besides the staging of painting and pictorial exhibitions depicting the armed struggle for independence.( continues…. ) ( continued…. )

Asmara, 9 July 2013 — New graduates from Halhale College of Business and Economics have expressed readiness to back up national development programs. They further indicated that the free academic opportunity accorded them attests to the government’s commitment towards ensuring social justice, and asserted that they would do their level best in their respective careers. ( continue… )

Assab, 9 July 2013 –The inhabitants o f Aitos Administrative area, Araeta sub-zone, have expressed satisfaction with social service facilities.

Among the inhabitants, Mr. Reshid Mohammed, Ms. Raga Ali Gumhid, Mr. Ali Ahmed and Ms. Halima Hamadu indicated that they have become beneficiaries of basic social service facilities, and that the inhabitants’ adherence to community-based style of living has subsequently shown visible growth. ( continued….

Mendefera, 9 July 2013 — In connection with a tour he made to sites where intensive community campaigns were conducted, the Administrator of Mendefera sub-zone, Ambassador Suleiman Haj, said that popular undertakings are witnessing promising outcome.

Ambassador Suleiman Haje visited the micro-dam in Dandere-Genet village, the farms of an exemplary farmer and a livestock farm in Adi-Bari, and he lauded the community initiatives taken with a view to raising agricultural output. ( continued…. )

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