Eri-TV – Press Statment by Eritrean Ambassador of Israel in Tel Aviv

Eritrean News – Tigrinya: The Eritrean Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Tesfamariam Teskeste, called on the Government of Israel to accord dignified treatment to Eritrean nationals who entered its territory as victims of human trafficking.

Speaking at a press conference he conducted in Tel Aviv yesterday, the Ambassador gave detailed briefings stressing that human trafficking is part of the ongoing anti-Eritrea conspiracies on the part of external quarters, and that a number of institutions and individuals have been perpetrating the criminal act in a bid to drawing criminal illicit earnings. He went on to explain that Eritrea has called on the international community to bring the perpetrators of such wicked conspiracy targeting Eritrean youths to an independent court.

Eri-TV - Press Statment by Eritrean Ambassador of Israel in Tel Aviv
Eri-TV – Press Statment by Eritrean Ambassador of Israel in Tel Aviv

Ambassador Tesfamariam further called on the Israeli government to change its policy of internment in concentration camps. Moreover, he pointed out that the Eritrean people’s armed struggle for independence witnessed external conspiracies, and that the present wicked act would end up in fiasco.

The Eritrean Ambassador also outlined the development accomplishments the nation has registered without falling hostage to various diversionary conspiracies weaved against it, including that of border conflict and other issues. In this connection, he underlined that Ethiopia should unconditionally withdraw from occupied sovereign Eritrean territory if at all lasting peace and stability is to prevail in the Horn region.

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