Eri-TV Report – Martyrs Day in Germany – Sekri Sematat

Eritrea TV – Tigrinia Video News: Eri-TV Zena – Asmara, 24 June 2013 – Eritrean community members residing in the German cities of Berlin, Kassel, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Cologne have reiterated readiness to honor the trust of martyrs in the respective ceremonies they conducted to mark Martyrs Day.

Speaking at the event held in Berlin, the Eritrean Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Petros Tsegai, pointed out that the Day is an occasion when nationals should reiterate their pledge of honoring the trust of fallen heroes and demonstrate adherence to national values.

Moreover, a prayer service headed by Abune Dioskoros, the Fourth Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, was conducted at the meeting in Frankfurt, besides the donations made by a number of community members to families of martyrs.

Meanwhile, the nationals residing in Cologne, Kassel, and Heidelberg cities commemorated that event in the same spirit through conducting candlelight session and raising money. The nationals also asserted that they would step up participation in national development programs.

During the respective meetings, community members who have been supporting families of martyrs consistently received certificates of merit. More videos @ or

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