Eritrea Govt to Launch Construction of 1424 Residential Complexes (August 14, 2013)

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Asmara, 14 August 2013 — The Eritrean government would launch the construction of residential complexes comprising a total of 1,048 apartments, 376 residential houses and 256 for business ventures this year.

The details of the housing projects due to be implemented in the areas of Halibet Hospital, Space and Sembel could be obtained in the website, and potential buyers are nationals who have fulfilled their national obligations.

Moreover, registrations can be fulfilled in person at the headquarters of the Housing and Commerce Bank in Bahti-Meskeren Square or in the Eritrean Embassies and Consulates in various countries, while the relevant form can be downloaded from the aforementioned website.

Nationals who had signed contract agreements and made deposits thereof in the past can shift into the new projects through transferring their deposits to the Bank account declared in the website, and nationals who have already become beneficiaries of land plots could equally avail themselves of the this opportunity.

Goluj, 14 August 2013 — The inhabitants of the Central region who are engaged in rain-fed farming in Gerset area have expressed satisfaction with the favorable working environment involving free transport service, temporary accommodations and the tilling as well as sowing of their land plots.( continued….


Asmara, 14 August 2013 — The inhabitants of Antsefet village, Central region, said that they have become beneficiaries of potable water supply despite the fact and that the process of the facility’s implementation was difficult due to the area’s topography.(continued…..


Dekemhare, 14 August 2013 — A total of 70 student volunteers in Dekemhare have obtained training as regards traffic law and have been mobilized in promoting the city’s traffic safety.

One of the trainers, Mr. Debesai Fisehaye, disclosed that the training involving theoretical and practical aspects focused on Proclamation No. 154/2006 with major emphasis on pedestrians and automobiles, besides ways of handling penalties. He further expressed conviction that the volunteers are expected to play major role in managing the high traffic in connection with the forthcoming Festival in the city.(continued…..

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