Eritrea hits most of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals ahead of the time set

Eritrean Tigrinya News – 8 December 2013: At a seminar she conducted on 7 December in Barentu to public representatives, government and PFDJ officials in the region, Ms. Amna Nur-Hushien, Minister of Health, indicated that Eritrea has already hit most of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals ahead of the time set, and that attests to the successful work conducted on the part of all partners.

She further stated that because the Government of Eritrea has been giving priority to ensure fair distribution of health institutions to remote parts of the country and establishing Referral Hospitals in all regions, the public has become beneficiary of health services.

Minister Amna who said that successful programs have been conducted to control the prevalence of communicable diseases, explained the importance of ensuring the supply of basic medicines with fair price and usage and storage of medicines, and that the efforts to ensure health of the society would be a continuous process.

With regards to the programs for 2014, the Minister expressed that there is a program to build 21 new health institutions in different parts of the country, and called for reinforcement of participation on the part of the public and administrations’ in the efforts to ensure the health of the society.

The participants on their part expressed appreciation for the extensive briefings they have been provided, and that thanks to the relentless effort conducted by the Health Ministry the prevalence of communicable diseases in their area has been tremendously reduced, and called for more efforts to ensure the supply of medical equipment and medicines.(

Eritrean UN 2015 Development Goal set up before time

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