Eritrea is a country of tremendous history


by Si Salter,
Eritrean Travel: Eritrea is a country of tremendous history, dating back to the beginning of mankind. It is located in the Horn of Africa alongside the Red Sea, bordering Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti. The history of Eritrea is made up of a multicultural past of African, European and Arab influences. Currently there are 9 ethnic groups that comprise the 6 million people living in the nation. The major religions are Christianity and Islam, which have existed side by side for centuries. Eritrea is a great place for a unique travel experience with fantastic photo opportunites like at this market.

Thanks Tony for sharing this photo of Eritrea. It’s certainly an area of the world not known to many tourists.

Eritrean Sadla Island in the Red Sea

Eritrean Capitol Asmara – Sheda – View to the City Center from Nyala Hotel

Eritrean Red Sea – Massawa – Mitsiwa
Beautiful View on Massawa at Night – Eritrea

Eritrean Port City Massawa

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