Eritrea: National Festival 2013 Promotes Cultural Values (August 18, 2013)

Eri-TV:Dekemhare, 18 August 2013- The National Festival 2013 which officially opened on 17 August in Dekemhare under the theme “Our Cultural Heritage, Core of Tourist Attraction” making significant contribution in promoting cultural values of the society, according to coordinators of the festival.

They explained that they were motivated to display cultural heritages, creativities, traditional food and beverages as well as development accomplishments of the region and sub-zones. They further said that historical heritages that could not be moved from their places of orgin are being displayed through photographs.

Mr. Saleh Mohammed-Seid and Ms. Guoi Kahsai, residents of sub-zones of Senafe and Mai-Mine respectively, explained that the National Festival which is colorfully underway attests to the diversity, tourism and natural resources and development accomplishments of the region.

Mr. Teklemariam Gebreyesus on his part indicated that the historical and cultural heritages being displayed and specially the more than 100 years old traditional artifacts being the center of attention of visitors.

Likewise, 66 years old Mr. Fesehatsion Tesfaselasie, member of the Tekilo cultural troupe, pointed out that every sub-zone is displaying fruits, resources as well as photo exhibition depicting their respective sub-zones.

Barentu, 18 August 2013- The big rainy season that has been late to start has now began from the end of July with good distribution and that farmers are fully engaged in agricultural activities, explained Mr. Abubeker Osman, head of Agriculture Ministry in the region.

He further indicated that there was plan to cultivate 240 thousand hectares of land but due to the late coming of the rainfall so far 150 thousand hectares has been cultivated. He also indicated that crops that have been previously sown are in good condition.

With regards to the condition of livestock in the area, Mr. Abubeker pointed out that the delay of the rainfall had created some concerns among the farmers, and that the beginning of the rain fall has alleviated the concern.

Hagaz, 18 August 2013- In a meeting he conducted with the owners, Mr. Teklehaimanot Musaiel, Administrator of Hagaz town, called on to reinforce efforts to develop the social provision institutions in the town.

Mr. Teklehaimanot gave extensive briefing with regards providing timely and effective service, the need and renovation of license, the relationship of owners with customers, fair price, as well as inspecting and controlling expiring dates of food items.

Let. Kifleyesus Isak, head of police station in the sub-zone, on his part said that claiming of not knowing the law could not save any body violating the law, and called on owners to respect the law and frequent legal items.

The owners of the social services provision institutions appreciated the timely and helpful explanations they were provided and expressed readiness to play due role in developing their institutions.

Reports from the town administration indicate that there over 370 social service provision institutions in Hagaz Town.

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