Eritrea News (June 22, 2013)

Eri-TV: Asmara, 22 June 2013 — Eritrean community members in the Republic of Sudan marked Martyrs Day with patriotic fervor through staging various activities.

Speaking at the meeting thereof, Mr. Ibrahim Idris and Mr. Ismail Musa, both from the Eritrean Embassy in the country, said that the event is an occasion when nationals should reiterate readiness to honor the trust of martyrs in deeds. ( READ MORE @… )

Asmara, 22 June 2013 — Eritrean community members in Kuwait, Egypt, Uganda and South Africa have reiterated readiness to honor the trust of martyrs.

The Eritrean community members in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, have jointly taken the responsibility of backing 100 families of fallen heroes, besides extending a total of 18,254 Riyal. Speaking on the occasion, the Eritrean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Mohammed-Omar Mahmoud, indicated that nation-building is part of the trust of martyrs, and called on the community members to enhance participation to this end. ( READ MORE @… )

Massawa, 22 June 2013 — A family residing in the port city of Massawa has extended a total of 120,000 Nakfa for 10 families of martyrs.

Mr. Hassan Salim, the father, and his daughter Mrs. Halima Hassan as well as her husband Mr. Mohammed Ali Mahmoud expressed moral satisfaction with the initiative they took, and called on fellow citizens to emulate such gesture. ( READ MORE @… )

Asmara, 22 June 2013 — A total of 89 staff members of the Ministry of Tourism, including branch and department heads, who have been attending training course in tourism management at the Center for Organizational Excellence in Embatkala graduated recently.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Askalu Menkorios pointed out that the training aimed at raising the theoretical knowledge and scrutiny on the part of employees as regards the strategic plan, structure and functions of the Ministry. She further indicated that the beneficiaries of the training are expected to translate the knowledge they have acquired into practice. ( READ MORE @… )

Massawa, 22 June 2013 — The inhabitants of Hirgigo area, Massawa sub-zone, have lauded the expanding service by Harat Transport Company, the impact of which has increasingly been affecting their livelihood positively.

Among the inhabitants, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Abdu and Ms. Kedija Ahmed expressed satisfaction with the transport service the company is rendering at fair price vis-à-vis the opening of new routes.

Mr. Adhanom Koreri, head of public land transport in Massawa area, stated that the Government has been exerting stepped-up efforts towards reinforcing public transport potential, and that remarkable accomplishment has been registered in this regard in collaboration with the inhabitants. ( READ MORE @… )

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