Eritrea News (June 27, 2013)

Eri-TV: Mendefera, 27 June 2013 — Community elders from the sub-zones of Senafe, Adi-Keyih, Tserona, Mai-Aini, Segeneiti and Dekemhare have called for more tête-à-tête encounter as it constitutes a remarkable cause in fostering mutual understanding between communities and government institutions.

They made the call during a seminar with the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, which was conducted today in Dekemhare city with a view to sharing views with the inhabitants concerning agricultural development and related issues. ( READ MORE@… )

Asmara, 27 June 2013 — Reports indicated that a campaign targeting immunization of children under 5 years with Vitamin-A is underway nationwide since yesterday.

In this connection, the Ministry of Health has called on parents to take concerned children to nearby health stations or temporary immunization outreach sites, and disclosed that the campaign would continue until the 30th of this month.

Mr. Mengis Isaac, head of nutrition department in the Ministry’s branch in the Central region, indicated that the process involving distribution of Vitamin-A nutrients has been stationed at 90 health institutions and temporary sites. ( READ MORE @… )

Asmara, 27 June 2013 — A total of 128 students who have been attending 2-year courses in Agro-Mechanics, Animal Science, Plant Science, Soil and Water Conservation, as well as Irrigation in Hagaz School of Agricultural Technique have graduated with certificate.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony in which the Administration of Anseba region, Mr. Gergis Girmai, and the Chairman of the of the regional Assembly, Ms. Asha Mahmoud, took part, Brother Aron Eyob, Director of the school, lauded the graduates’ hard work, and called on them to further strive in career development. ( READ MORE @… )

Asmara, 27 June 2013 — Residents of various Administrative areas in the Central region are carrying out popular campaigns involving renovation of roads and plantation of tree seedlings.

Reports indicated that the residents of Kushet and Tsaeda-Kristian quarters, Berikh sub-zone, planted seedlings and built fences to the flourished ones.

Mr. Amhatsion Girmai, explained that the planted tree seedlings have been susceptible to animals, and that such shortcoming could be overcome in line with the Administration of the Central region’s supply of the necessary items to this end. Moreover, Mr. Kesete Aron, agriculture expert in the sub-zone, called on the residents to take good care of the planted seedlings. ( READ MORE @… )

Assab, 27 June 2013 — Students in the port city of Assab are engaged in an undertaking involving soil and water conservation as well as afforestation with a view to backing government endeavors in this regard during their vacation time.

Mr. Berhane Gebregziabher from the Education Ministry’s branch in the Southern Red Sea region pointed out that such exposure is vital in nurturing sense of hard work among juvenile generation. ( READ MORE @… )

Ginda, 27 June 2013 — A health station in Tsiret Administrative area, Ginda sub-zone, has begun rendering service following renovation and mobilization of the necessary expertise.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mr. Kesete Kahsai, head of finance and administration in Northern Red Sea Referral Hospital, called on the inhabitants to utilize the facility judiciously.

Among the inhabitants, Mr. Mohammed Omar and Ms. Asha Idris expressed conviction that they would be in a position to avoid unnecessary loss of energy in search of medical service. ( READ MORE @… )

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