Eritrean Ambassador Petros presents credentials to President Vladimir Putin – EriTV

Eritrean Tigrigrinya News: Asmara, 21 November 2014 – Mr. Petros Tsegai who has been appointed Eritrea’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation, has presented his credentials to President Vladimir Putin.

During the presentation ceremony in the Kremlin, the Ambassador conveyed President Isaias Afwerki’s greetings and message of goodwill to President Putin and the Russian people, and asserted readiness to strive for enhancing the prevailing ties between the two countries in a spirit of partnership.

The Russian leader on his part noted that Eritrean and his country share similar views as regards regional and international issues. He further voiced Russia’s readiness to strengthen the existing relations in trade and economic domains.

Moreover, President Putin wished Ambassador Petros successful tour of duty.

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