Eritrean Ambassador to Kenya: UN Report is Sickening and Disgusting

Eritrean news: Eritrea’s Government has dismissed a United Nations report, claiming systematic and wide spread violation of human rights, as politically-motivated, wild accusations. The UN report blames the Government of Eritrea of gross human rights violations and claims that the enjoyment of rights and freedoms are severely curtailed, in an overall context of a total lack of rule of law. The report lists the alleged violations in the areas of extra-judicial executions, torture, national service and forced labour, which it says may constitute crimes against humanity. The report strongly urges continued international protection for Eritrean refugees, and warns against sending them back to Eritrea. Well lets get more on Eritrea’s reaction to the UN report,we are joined live here in Nairobi by Beyene Russom, The Eritrean Ambassador to Kenya.
Eritrean Ambassador to Kenya: UN Report is Sickening and Disgusting

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