Eritrean – Chinese Project of New School Construction for 1,500 Students

Eritrean Tigrinya Video News: Eri-TV Zena – Asmara, 26 April 2013 – A cornerstone was laid last Tuesday by Mr. Semere Rusom, Minister of Education, in line with the project being launched to expand the infrastructural scope of the Elementary School in Arbaete-Asmara in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Mr. Abraha Asfaha, Minister of Public Works, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet, Administrator of the Central region and the Chinese Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr. Niu Qiang were present at the ceremony.

Eritrean Chinese Project of New School Construction for 1500 Students

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Education indicated that similar projects were implemented in Adi-Wegri and Ginda, and said that such collaboration attests to the growing relations between Eritrea and PRC. He also noted the significance of increasing the infrastructural scope of the school which is located within a highly populated area, and congratulated the residents of the area. Ambassador Niu pointed out that the collaboration is part of the cooperation between Eritrea and China which includes the domains of agriculture, health and infrastructure. “Its somberness would be manifested by the neatness and standardization of the current project,” he added.

The new infrastructure would be constructed on an area of 4,543 cubic meters breadth, and is due to include 24 class rooms, offices and other lodgings, enabling the school to serve 1,500 students per shift.


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