Eritrean Encourage Invention And Innovation

Eritrean Encourage Invention And Innovation
The world nowadays is all about creativity, invention and innovation as these have become key factors to achieve development and competitiveness in the world. These factors have also become major contributors for social development, growth and economic progress of a nation. It is now one main area any country should strive to organize and hence benefit from if it wants to keep on marching on the road of progress. To this end the culture of invention and innovation is very crucial for changing possible ideas to tangible development schemes by organizations as well as individuals. In this respect countries which have been working on it for decades are now the world’s major economic and political players as they are ahead of many of their compatriots. This basically is investing on the ideas  of youth and students and encouraging them through ensuring a conducive environment for them to work on. The simple reason is that any development program that hasn’t laid its foundation in the youth doesn’t have any guarantee for its future.
In our country the culture of invention and innovation is not alien. Improvisations have always been a big part of our culture. However, these improvisations were most of the time in small scale and not organized as to make it have a wider national implication. The most significant and conspicuous work in this respect has been the one and only Eritrean Festival which is held every year. Needless to say this by itself can hardly be a proper way to promote the area as it doesn’t provide the necessary requirement the youth need afterwards. In fact the initiative and the kinds of cost for invention we witness in the festivals have been the youth’ with little of no help from other sources. This fact has always made many wonder what could be accomplished if there was an organized body which coordinate, organize, encourage and help provide the necessary things in the area. Hence the initiative which is now being taken by National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students to organize youth inventors and innovators in clubs is a timely and imperative act.
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There have been some attempts to organize invention in the past. But none of them were particularly successful as to be worth mentioning. The lesson of the past experience should therefore converge in the conclusion that no ideas should fail to materialize due to lack of provision and appropriate environment. Organizations and unions like the youth union should be the medium where ideas could be tested, youth inventors could work together by merging their ideas, and efforts that aim at helping and promoting the youth can be directed.
To promote Innovation the first and foremost thing to do is to cultivate the culture of invention even further. It’s a fact that in many parts of the developing world local inventions are underestimated, a fact that tends to cripple all personal efforts of creation. We therefore should challenge and face it by including it in all policies or programs and projects to promote local inventive activity. Hence we have to emphasize the importance of the creative work of the inventor and concerned bodies have to give serious consideration to the question of increasing their support to inventor activities. Energy, time or funds spent in such a way should be considered as an investment for the benefit of society. Such an initiative without a doubt will be an impetus for many of our young inventors and innovators.
Initiatives will help to promote and nurture science and research amongst young Eritrean innovators and providing a platform for these youth to interact with each other.This initiative, however should intend to reach out to schools across the country and invite Innovation based projects from young students. Viewed from a much wider perspective, it is important that education systems should be oriented in such a way to stimulate creativity in general and technological creativity in  particular. Therefore, it is not sufficient to have a club or an organization only for its own sake, it is also necessary that our schools be based on the discovery of knowledge and the development of critical attitudes rather than on the more passive absorption of knowledge.
The assurance and continuation of development in any country is nothing more than the upgrading and introduction of new techniques, methods and products in the existing system. Invention and innovation are simply the bed rock of development. So it is not a matter of choice that the government and every concerned body should take up to their duty in creating conducive environment for it to flourish. For the betterment of our future unequivocally depends on keeping our youth inventing and innovating.

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