Eritrean Love Drama Movie “Digul Santa – ድጉል ዛንታ”

Eritrean movie “Dgul Santa or in tigrigna ድጉል ዛንታ” from Asmara – Eritrea presented via youtube channel by habeshapoetics.

Saline Gebreyohanes, Samuel Gebreselassie, Measho Halafi (Gual Halafi), Berhane Embaye, Weini Selemon
Rozina Weldu

Eritrean love movie Digul Santa
Eritrean love movie Digul Santa

Video Editor:
Yonatan Tsige, Daniel Haddish

Akaydi Srah:
Yonas Weldu

Yonas Teages

Tomas Medhane

Sara Mengsteab

Yonas Teages

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