Eritrean Malaria Infection on decline in Akordat – Sub Zone

Eritrean Health Care News: Instances of malaria infection on the decline in Agordat sub-zone: Report

Eritrea-Agordat, 29 November 2012 – Administration of the Hospital in Agordat city indicated that instance of malaria infection in the sub-zone has shown a 50% decline despite experiencing great wet season.

Dr. Ogbit Solomon, Deputy medical director of the hospital, disclosed that the medical staff there had made remarkable cautious preparation to this end. Accordingly, mosquito targeting insecticide was sprayed and mosquito nets were distributed, besides the carrying out of community sensitization activities pertaining to doing away with dump areas.

Moreover, Mr. Teferi Sium, administrator of the hospital, pointed out that the Ministry would upgrade the capacity of the health center in the city so as to meet the growing number of pediatrics admission in the hospital.

Niema Abbe and Habtom Tareke, Associate Nursing students in Agordat, lauded the service the hospital is rendering vis-à-vis the practical exposure it is providing for new medical personnel like them.(shabait)

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