Eritrean Ministry of Justice – ሰሚናር ንህዝቢ ሕጊ ብ ሚኒሰተር ፎውዚያ ሃሺም – Part 1

Eritrean Seminar with Minister of Justice Fouiza Hashim from 5th October 2013 by Eri-TV.

Ministry of Justice introduces new legislative acts

The Minister of Justice, Ms. Fowzia Hashim, disclosed that new legislative acts have been introduced with the aim of bolstering peace, security and justice in the society at large. The Minister made the disclosure on 5th October 2013 at a seminar she held in Cinema Roma in which public representatives of the Central region, Administrators of various regions and sub-zones as well as representatives of line Ministries and Associations took part.

Some of the newly introduced legislative acts deal with issues of house rents, marriage and divorce, land sale, inheritance, crimes and other offenses. Ms. Fowzia said that the Ministry has already started working jointly with the community at large and governmental bodies in order to control these matters that have gone unrestricted. She added that facilities have also been put in place such as introducing computerized works, producing experts in judicial affairs, construction of modern courts, and sufficient libraries for prompt and reliable service provisions.

Noting that these programs to bolster social justice began since the onset of independence that pioneered the establishment of over 400 Community Magistrates through appropriate and geographic arrangement that took effect in 2003, the Minister underlined that the role these courts played in preventing unnecessary efforts and expenses of the people is not to be viewed lightly.

Stating that the Government’s firm conviction is to build a nation where equality and Justice prevail, the Minister explained that the aim of these legislative acts introduced are founded on the far sighted vision of the government and reflect on the cultural values of societies in order that viable grounds for peace and stability can be created and whereupon citizens can have impartial laws set in place by which to be governed.

Accordingly, the Minister added that the Justice Ministry has legal awareness programs outlined jointly with the Ministry of Information and other pertinent governmental bodies which will be in effect as of 2014 solely aimed at raising public awareness of the law.

Ms. Fowzia further called on the people to augment their participation in the coordinated efforts underway to raise the productivity of citizens, ensuring economic emancipation as well as ensuring peace and stability in the country.

The participants of the seminar on their part put forth constructive recommendations and suggestions.

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