Eritrean Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare’s branch in Mendefera sub-zone extends over 1 million Nakfa to needy students and families

Eritrean News: Mendefera, 25 November 2014 – Mr. Mehari Kiflom, head of the Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare’s branch in Mendefera sub-zone, stated that the branch office has extended over 1 million Nakfa in support to needy students and families in the sub-zone.

He went on to explain that a total of 576,000 Nakfa has been handed to 160 nationals living with HIV Virus and 35,000 Nakfa to 75 needy students. Moreover, 15 families patronizing orphaned children were handed a total of 450, 000 Nakfa.

Mr. Mehari indicated that the support was aimed at improving the livelihood of the needy citizens and that sustained follow-up would be made to this end.

The branch office has also disbursed around 500,000 Nakfa that was contributed by nationals residing abroad in support of 53 martyrs families. Similarly, 11 million Nakfa was extended to the same families through a monthly benefit scheme over the past nine months, he added.

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