Eritrean music – Iso Apollo – Tegadalay

Eritrean music by rapper “Iso Apollo” with his song “Tegadalay”.

This is a tribute to the Tegadalay(eritrean soldiers) that made it possible for the Eritrean people to preserve their heritage. Many died for Eritrea, just as Jesus did for mankind. Their sacrifice was for you and me, All of us, for a chance chance to be free. Although we have different ideals and values, we have the same brothers and sisters who died for us to care for Eritrea.

Eritrean Rapper Music - Iso Apollo - Tegadalay

Never Forget.


What would you think
As real as it is
If you Witness
the Death of all your friends

How would you feel
devil knocking on your door
Do you run and hide
Or do you pray to The Lord

do you flee the country
Or do you stay and fight
Ain’t no shame
In protecting your family’s lives

But I got too much pride
To let my enemies walk by
Cuz id rather die
than see you take away what’s mine

You fight to steal
I fight to stay alive
The battle is won
By he who has the stronger drive

I have died already
Selfless intent
I represent a nation

I represent a people
sacrifice for a greater cause
along side my brothers And sisters
we are strong

And if I fall
Last Words before I die
Awet n hafash
I am tegadalay
I am tegadalay

rest in peace to the martyrs
you will never be forgotten
i see all these little children
and i think to myself
we all wouldn’t be here
if it wasn’t for you great sacrifice

Cold Cold War
We fighting each other
We all want the same thing
And that’s To protect mother

Sibling rivalry
Truly an understatement
But stand side by side
Against a threat to the nation

Brothers in arms
Gorilla warfare
The bond is deep
N We shed the same tears

We lost so many lives
But our hope will never die
The idea is immortal
You could see it in my eyes

Oh what a sight
The year is 1991
Woke up to a dream
The long nightmare is done

Now is the time
To rebuild and maintain
Our martyrs sacrifice
Cant and will not be in vain

Empathy and integrity
We must all participate
Eritrea needs us
And we cannot forsake

And if your path stray’s
Remember once upon a time
The long heroic journey
Of the tegadalay

the tegadalay

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