Eritrean Sport News: Eritrea Embassy Media London |  September 26, 2015


The coach of the Eritrean National Team, Mr. Alemseged Efrem, has revealed that he is working hard to pick new young players for the 2015 Nations squad, to build a team that could be the power house of East Africa.


“I will name new faces from inside & outside the country to join the Eritrean National squad during the coming days, as they will help the team to continue winning,” Alemseged Efrem told in an Interview on  ERI.TV.


As a coach I am particularly happy about this because we have abundant talents on ground blending, we are also bringing players from Europe and other parts back home to form a solid national team. Eritrea is hoping to usher in a new era of continental, with its golden generation players such as Samyuma Alexander, Mebrahtu Golgol.

Football Player Henok Goitom requested the ‪#‎FIFA‬ to play for the Eritrean National Football Team

For Henok Goitom, the process over to play for the Eritrean National team is running –  We hope that the permit will allowed quickly by FIFA in the next 48 hours.

Football Player Henok Goitom requested the ‪#‎FIFA‬ to play for the Eritrean National Football Team - 3

Today at the Embassy of the State of Eritrea in London Semir Idris, Sirak Beyene, Filimon Kibrom and Amir Idris finalised all paper work, flying tomorrow morning from Heathrow airport to join the National Team.


Eritrea is among 142 teams competing to qualify for the FIFA World cup. According to FIFA, African teams have to go through two rounds of matches to qualify for the FIFA World cup 2018.

Henok Goitom - Sport documentation - EriTV


East African fixtures are Eritrea vs Botswana, Ethiopia vs Sao Tome e Principe, Somalia vs Niger, Djibouti vs Swaziland,
South Sudan vs Mauritania and Mauritius vs Kenya.


Round One – 6 selected fixtures out of 13
Eritrea vs Botswana

Somalia vs Niger
Ethiopia vs Sao Tome e Principe

Djibouti vs Swaziland

S Sudan vs Mauritania

Kenya vs Mauritius
The winners of the first round will continue to round two where they will join the remaining 27 African PMAs to compete for the World cup in Russia. The second round of is scheduled between 09 and 17 November 2015.

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