Eritrean national in prison for murdering wife hangs himself – Audio

Eritrean News: A man in prison on suspicion of brutally stabbing his wife to death in late December 2012 in Tel Aviv killed himself in Hadarim prison on Wednesday, where he was awaiting trial.

The Israel Prison Service said the man was found hanging in his cell showing no signs of life Wednesday morning and that efforts to revive him at the scene failed. They added that the man was not listed as a suicide risk at the time.

The man, a 39-year-old Eritrean national, was arrested in January 2013 for the murder and was awaiting trial when he took his life on Wednesday, wrapping a piece of cloth around his neck and hanging himself in his cell.

The Reasonable Doubt Guide to: Tel Aviv police and African migrants

What happened when a Bedouin cop went undercover in a Sudanese neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

Photo: African asylum seekers prepare to board buses at Levinsky Park in Tel Aviv to go and protest at the “Holot” detention facility in Southern Israel, February 17, 2014. Credit: Gideon Markowicz/FLASH90.

The Reasonable Doubt Guide to - Tel Aviv police and African migrants
The Reasonable Doubt Guide to – Tel Aviv police and African migrants

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