Eritrean News ዘና – Cycle Tourist – Toyota Anberber – Health Service

Eritrean TV – Tigrigna Video News – 28 October 2013 by Eri-TV:

  • – “Geographic location and climatic setting of Eritrea suitable for nurturing competent sportspersons in cycle tournament”, Say tourist cyclists
  • – Eritrean Anberbeb Share Company(Toyota) exerting stepped-up efforts with a view to nurturing standardized technical expertise.
  • – Health station in Tekawda making noteworthy impact as regards raising community awareness pertaining to health issues: Report.
  • – Eritrean Inhabitants of Libenai and Girasha areas to exert efforts as regards raising community participation in education.
  • – Eritrean Community rehabilitation volunteers in Ginda sub-zone engage in commendable activities.

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Cycle Tourist in Eritrea

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