Eritrean News ዘና – Plantation of Sheib – New Factory in Dbarwa – Anti-Polio Vaccination

Eritrean Tigrigna Video News – 7 November 2013 highlights:

  • – Inhabitants of Omhajer called upon to step up contribution in national development endeavors
  • – Agriculture Plantations in promising stage, Say farmers in Sheib sub-zone
  •  Gash Barka region: Extensive anti-polio-vaccination campaign to be conducted this month
  •   Eritrean Gash-Barka region: Extensive anti-polio vaccination campaign to be conducted this month
  •   Eritrean New factories open in Debarwa town – Debub Region

– Majority of villages in Anseba region become beneficiaries of community-based environmental hygiene programs: Report
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