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Eritrean TV – Tigrigna Video News from 11 July 2013 – Eri-TV Zena Highlights

  • Eritrean News - Eri-TV Zena - 11 July 2013Dige – Farmers in Dige sub-zone said that the timely dispatch of tractors in the locality has given added impetus to rain-fed farming, as well as in soil and water conservation and land preparation activities conducted earlier. They further indicated that the tractors are rendering service at reasonable price.

    Among the inhabitants, Mr. Adem Mohammed and Mr. Mustafa Mohammed stated that they anticipate better harvest in line with the preparations made at community level to this end.

    Mr. Kesete Gebreyohanes, Head of the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the sub-zone, indicated that terraces have been built on a total of 1,288 hectares through community-based ventures, and that the number of tractors serving in the locality stands at 31.

  • Tio – The residents of Tio coastal semi-urban center, Araeta sub-zone, are engaged in extensive environmental hygiene campaign in collaboration with members of the People’s Army with a view to preventing seacoast pollution, and thereby promoting community wellbeing.

    Among the participants, Ms. Kedija Humad Ardaitu, Mr. Mohammed Hassan and Ms. Eisha Mohammed, as well as Mr. Ali Mohammed Osman, Administrator of Tio Administrative area, indicated that the community has been striving in this regard for a long time.

    Ali Ahmed Gumhid, member of the People’s Army, said that they have been collaborating with the inhabitants in various domains, and asserted that they would do their level best for the realization of the cherished goal.

    Mr. Ibrahim Ali, Administrator of the semi-urban center, disclosed that it is witnessing remarkable development vis-à-vis growth in the number of inhabitants, and stated that a dumping car would be assigned for the locality.

  • Asmara – The inhabitants of Debri village, Logo-Anseba sub-zone, are constructing a pond on the basis of popular undertaking with a view to securing water for livestock and small-scale irrigation farms.

    Among the inhabitants, Mr. Gebremichael Hidru, Ms. Asgedet Asrat and Mr. Eyob Teklemariam pointed out that a dam, which was built through collaboration between the government and the inhabitants, has ensured potable water supply for the inhabitants of Debri and Adi-Hans villages. They further indicated that they anticipate better agricultural activities in the area following the construction of the pond, the process of which has gained momentum.

    Mr. Teklesenbet Mihretab, coordinator of the undertaking, disclosed that the pond is capable of accommodating 160,000 cubic meters of water, and that active participation is being witnessed on the part of the community and employees of Awet Construction Company.

  • Asmara – Eritrean community members in Germany indicated that they have finalized preparation for the annual festival which is due to be conducted from the 12th to the 14th of this month.

    The event is expected to witness different activities on the part of children and youths, seminars, sports contests, exhibition and cultural shows, besides a special seminar by senior government and PFDJ official which would focus on the objective situation in the Homeland and future undertakings.

    Members of the festival’s coordinating committee pointed out that the activities targeting youths and children would be staged by experts in such a way that popularizes cultural and national values, while the exhibition is expected to depict the national development accomplishments.

  • Massawa – A total of 46 members of the Northern Red Sea Administration have obtained training in Agricultural Extension on the basis of a joint venture with the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in the region.

    Speaking at the graduation ceremony in the port city of Massawa, the regional Administrator, Ms. Tsigereda Woldegiorgis, indicated that such training is vital as regards raising agricultural output and improving the livelihood of communities, and called on pertinent bodies to collaborate with the trainees.

    Mr. Michael Tekie, the resource person, pointed out that the training course, which involved theoretical and practical aspects, is helpful in introducing modern agricultural techniques and fostering farmers’ mentality thereof. He further called on the beneficiaries of the training to share the knowledge they have acquired with coworkers, and stakeholders to enhance integrated efforts to this end.

    Mr. Wolderufael Teklai noted the importance of pragmatic training courses, and equally called on the trainees to demonstrate commitment in national endeavors of improving the livelihood of citizens.

    A representative of the trainees expressed satisfaction with the training, and expressed his colleagues’ readiness to translate the knowledge they have acquired into practice.

  • Keren – The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare’s branch in Anseba region has organized training course for 50 community rehabilitation workers from Adi-Tekelezan sub-zone.

    Mr. Tedros Fisehaye, Head of social welfare in the branch office, pointed out that the training focused on patronizing disabled children and the trainees represent 11 Administrative areas in the sub-zone. Accordingly, the training is expected to make significant impact in improving the livelihood of disabled nationals and raising community awareness in this regard.

    Mr. Bokretsion Girmai, Head of the branch office, on his part called on the trainees to play due role in the rehabilitation of the Disabled, and called on the citizenry to extend a helping hand in endeavors towards raising their production capacity.

    The trainees on their part asserted that they would back up the Ministry’s efforts.

    Meanwhile, reports indicate that the branch office has recently rehabilitated 60 families comprising a total of 145 children in Hagaz, Hamelmalo, Halhal, Elabered, Geleb, Habero, Asmat and Sel’a sub-zones in livestock worth more than 1 million Nakfa.

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