Eritrean News – Eri-TV Zena – 22 July 2013

Eritrean News: EriTV Zena Highlights from 22nd July 2013.

  • Eritrea TV - Tigrinya - Zena - NewsAsmara – The National Holidays Coordinating Committee said that National Festival 2013 would be conducted in Dekemhare city from 17 to 25 of August under the theme “Our Cultural Heritage, Core of Tourist Attraction.”Accordingly, the ongoing preparations are aimed at popularizing cultural diversity and bequeathing the values to this end, promoting conservation of archaeological relics, as well as portraying the right image of the nation vis-à-vis the development accomplishments registered, besides giving impetus to national cultural heritage.

    It is to be recalled that the Administration of Central region hosted National Festival 2012 in Asmara city last year.

  • Keren, 22 July 2013 – The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare’s branch in Anseba region hosted a forum in Kern city focusing on manners of patronizing orphaned infants.The participants of the meeting which comprised prosecutors, members of the Health Ministry and Police Force, as well as community representatives, conducted in-depth discussion on ways and means of accepting such infants in orphanages, collecting the necessary personal information thereof and the required joint venture among stakeholders.

    Mr. Tedros Fisehaye, head of social welfare in the branch office, explained that the causes of parental abandonment for children include socio-economic problem, unanticipated pregnancy, betrayal of paternity and cultural as well as psychological instability.

    Moreover, the participants put forth views pertaining to several issues, stressing more on the potential mandates of stakeholders.

    Likewise, Mr. Girmai Bokretsion, head of the branch office, stressed the unethical and immoral nature of child abandonment, and called on the citizenry to extend a helping hand in doing away with instances of such practice. Families are expected to play vital role in this regard, and hence the need for establishing good communication with the Police, he added.

  • Adi-Keyih, 22 July 2013 – A youth crew comprising members of Gash-Barka Marching Band said that the nation’s development accomplishments attest to its bright future. They made the remark during a tour they made to various corners of the Homeland recently.Following their stay in the port city of Massawa, the historical sites of Kohaito and Belew-Kelew as well as other areas, they expressed satisfaction with the exposure which also enabled them to become eyewitnesses of the nation’s development drive. They further called on fellow citizens to engage in such tours in the future.

    Among the youths, Amanuel Sahle, Selam Kahsai, Abdurahman Mohammed and Mohammed Saleh Hussein voiced appreciation for the historical sites they visited vis-à-vis the infrastructural facilities and marine activities in Massawa. They also called on national institutions to host such trip for youth employees so that they obtain a clear picture of the country’s development pace, and lauded the Administration of Gash-Barka region for taking the initiative.

  • Araeta, 22 July 2013 – The inhabitants of Araeta sub-zone said that they would back up government endeavors of ensuring potable water supply in the locality, which involve renovation of dirt roads and other activities.Among the inhabitants, Mr. Ahmed Idris, Ms. Halima Ali and Ms. Eisha Ali, as well as Mr. Ismail Ali Tamola, Administrator of Tio area, lauded the efforts being exerted towards ensuring sustainable water supply in the area that is rather characterized by arid nature. They further expressed conviction that renovation of roads would be a springboard to a better outreach as regards transport of potable water.

    Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, truck driver, said that the majority of the roads in the locality have been lacking transport viability in this connection.

  • Asmara, 22 July 2013 – Eritrean cyclist Merhawi Kudus who has been demonstrating triumph in various competitions in Europe, last Sunday ranked first in a tournament in Italy. Reports indicated that the 19 year-old Merhawi has held the record for the first black cyclist winning in Amateur Classic Cycling Competitions.In the 155.8 Km-tournament, Merhawi was chased only by one competitor while approaching the finishing line, and he concluded the race in 3 hours, 40 minutes and 20 seconds registering an average speed of 41 Km per hour.

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