Eritrean News – Eritrea’s way to fight Malaria in Mensura

Eritrean TV – Tigrinia Video News: EriTV Zena – Mensura, 5 July 2013 – The Health Ministry’s branch in Mensura sub-zone has called on the inhabitants to enhance participation in endeavors as regards malaria control. It made the call at a meeting with community representatives and civil servants during which it was stated that promotional and community sensitization activities in this connection have made significant impact in raising community awareness.

Eritrean News - Mensura - Mekezizar Hemam Asso by EriTV ZenaSpeaking at the meeting, Mr. Mebrahtu Yemane, head of the branch office, indicated that the role of communities is a major prerequisite in avoiding swamp areas which constitute the main habitat for mosquito breeding.

Among the participants, Mr. Abdurahman Hussein and Ms. Tirhas Berhane pointed out that the community possesses admirable awareness as regards the impact of environmental hygiene in lowering morbidity resulting from malaria, and that they have been carrying out popular campaigns to this end.

In the same vein, Sheikh Ibrahim Mohammed Taha said that community sensitization ventures by the Ministry have resulted in a dropping trend of malaria infection, and called for reinforcement of such efforts.(

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