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  • President Isaias Afwerki today received and held talks at the State House with the Special EU Representative in the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan, Dr. Rosalind Marsden.
  • A total of 1,193 students who have been attending diverse postgraduate and undergraduate courses at the Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) graduated today.
  • Barentu – The Administration of Gash-Barka region awarded institutions and sub-zonal Administrations who demonstrated active participation during Independence Day observance.

    According to a report presented by the regional Holidays Coordinating Committee in the course of the handing ceremony, the 22nd Independence Day anniversary was marked in the region in a unique manner thanks to the integrated work of the sub-zonal Administrations. Cultural and artistic works staged during the event were also described gratifying.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Administrator of Gash-Barka region, Mr. Mohammed Hamd, said that the fervor witnessed during the celebrations throughout the region attests to the way nationals cherish independence, and lauded the active participation of youth artists to this end.

    The regional branches of the Public Technique Service and Red Sea Trading Corporation in the region won special awards, while the Administrations of Logo-Anseba, Goluj and Shambuko sub-zones received prizes for their outstanding accomplishment in exhibition. Moreover, the sub-zonal Administrations of Haikota, Tesenei and Shambuko received awards and certificates of merit from the regional Administrator and Maj. General Haile Samuel, Commander of the Western Command, for staging lively carnival shows.

    In closing remarks, Maj. General Haile expressed appreciation for the celebrations in the region that they were community-centered, and called on the inhabitants to enhance participation in national development programs.

  • Asmara – Reports indicated that nationals residing in the UK have concluded preparations for 14th community festival which is due to be conducted in the 13th and 14th of this month.

    Accordingly, the event is expected to witness cultural performances, pictorial exhibition, sports contests, bazaar, community camps and other activities, besides a seminar by senior government official. Moreover, it would further focus on youths and children with a view to nurturing cultural and national values, and a total of 32 football teams from various British cities would conduct tournaments

  • Keren– The National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW)’s branch in Keren city held 3rd Conference during which it assessed the 3-year activities as regards organizational capacity, community sensitization targeting harmful customary practices and antenatal as well as postnatal care, among others.

    Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Faizet Adala, head of the branch office, disclosed that a total of 229 families were rehabilitated in livestock over the past 3 years, while training on handcrafting was organized for 30 women, and 108 others obtained credit. She further indicated that the members extended 58,000 Nakfa with a view to carrying out afforestation activities within the Martyrs Cemetery in the city, besides the fact that the awareness of members pertaining to communicable diseases is on the rise.

    The participants of the conference elected a new management committee, and called on its members to demonstrate commitment during their future work.

    In closing remarks, Ms. Asha Ali-Nur, head of the Union’s branch in Anseba region, noted the timeliness of exerting efforts for still more gratifying outcome on the basis of clearly defining the merits and demerits. She also said that youth members should play their due role in all activities of the Union.

  • Massawa – The inhabitants of Emberemi Administrative area, Northern Red Sea region, have called for extensive community-based environmental hygiene. They further indicated that their area is witnessing remarkable development in line with the government’s endeavor of improving the livelihood of citizens.

    The inhabitants went on to explain that instance of communicable diseases is on the decline following widespread introduction of latrines, and said that further efforts should to be exerted as regards ensuring sustainable water supply in the area.

    Mr. Saleh Al-Amin, Administrator of Emberemi area, pointed out that the role of pertinent bodies was significant in raising community awareness pertaining to use of latrines, and called for reinforcement of community ventures focusing on environmental hygiene.

    Mr. Mana Yohanes, head of environmental hygiene in the Health Ministry’s branch in the region, stated that the community’s resort to use of latrines attests to the positive impact of the joint endeavors made to this end.

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